Do you have a waiting list?
Not at present. We have spaces available for your child to begin with us.

What are your ratios?
We do our best to exceed the ministry ratios every day.

Hours open
Our service is open 7:30am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday. We close over Christmas and New Years for two weeks each year and there are no fees charged over this time.

What services do you offer?
Our childcare offers nutritious, vegetarian (organic where possible) meals including morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. We also supply environmentally friendly nappies. As a Waldorf education provider the supplies we use for craft are of the highest quality using German brand Stockmar and wellness Weleda products.

What size groups do you have?
Our two year olds and under group holds up to 12 children, while our 3 year olds hold up to 15. Our kindergarten whare can hold up to 25 children.

What is the space like?
Our space is beautiful and well established, warm and homely. We have large gardens with grass and trees and a wonderful orchard and vegetable patches all over. Our environment is tranquil and is completely natural, how mother nature intended it all to be.

How do you manage behaviour?
We treat every child with dignity and respect. Children are given the opportunity to work through conflict if appropriate and when undesirable behaviour arises, adults will intervene to ensure the safety and wellness for the children involved. In our centre we place importance on the art of imitation, therefore our teachers role model and show the way for appropriate behaviour, conflict resolution and managing emotions. The teachers use praise and encouragement to promote healthier choices and behaviours. Please see our Social Competencies Policy and Procedure for more details.

How do you deal with sickness and accidents?
If a child becomes unwell while with us, we will document symptoms, contact the parents/caregivers and ensure the child is as comfortable as possible until they are picked up. The child can return to the centre 24 hours after their last bout of vomiting or diarrhoea. If the child has an infectious disease we follow the guidelines of the Infectious Disease Information and Exclusions List by the Ministry of Health.

How do you communicate with us about how our child is doing?
We prefer face to face wherever possible. However we hold the child with upmost respect and prefer not to have conversations about them in front of them. We are happy to set up meetings upon request. Each child has a profile book which documents their journey and allows parents to be included in on the time that is spent with us. There are chances also to include your parent voice in these books through the year. We also hold seasonal Parent Evenings to open up opportunities for conversation. As well as our festivals throughout the year.

If my child has any special needs, will your programme be suitable for us?
This could be anything from food allergies, to shyness, to a speech difficulty or a physical disability.
Yes we have children with special needs in our centres. We work closely with families and support agencies to ensure we are doing the best for you and your child. Our play based curriculum provides children with the freedom to be themselves and support them in every way we can to feel at home and supported everyday.

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