Balancing the Sense Experiences

Growing children live wholly and completely in their environment. Their experience and understanding of having an inner self separate to the outside world only gradually evolves through many stages of growth and development within their journey to adulthood. This more undifferentiated experience of the world with its constant sea of sense stimulation can be accompanied by sleep disorders or mood and behaviours which are an outward expression of a child’s internal tension and anxiety. When there is too much for a child to cope with, the ability to digest and process everything experienced during the day is often overwhelmed.

Our body has a processes for balancing the sense experiences we meet through the day- one of the most important of these is sleep. When we sleep our life forces regenerate and the sense impressions of the day are transformed. Often if there has been too much outer stimulation during the day it can be difficult to transition into sleep. The issues can be compounded if we are as parents are over tired or stressed from the happenings in our own day- one only has to be up several nights in a row with a sick child to understand this!!

Having a bed time routine creates a rhythm once learned can help bring calm to a busy day. Creating a quiet mood with a candle, a story, or verse or a lullaby creates the inner quiet necessary before sleep can begin.

Weleda Lavender bath milk added to a night time bath is helpful, Weleda Rose warming oil created to support the three main systems of the human body (nerve-sense, rhythmic and metabolic) and help integrate their activity, applied as a gently massage over the chest and back aids a child into sleep. There are other possibilities for supporting your family’s sleep and you’re welcome to get in touch.

 Maree Smith RN

Anthroposophical Nurse

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